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junio 2, 2011 / Joaquim Montaner

Men and Fatherhood in South Africa: Baba

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Muy interesante trabajo (visto desde sobre masculinidades y paternidades en África del Sur. Se trata de una compilación de artículos realizada por Linda Richter y por Robert Morrell.

El documento está publicado en inglés y, abajo, tienes toda la información y los nombres y la autoría de las diferentes partes que lo integran.

por cierto… ¿en cuántos idiomas eres capaz de decir papá? (mira esto 🙂 )

Aquí tienes toda la información sobre este trabajo:

Authors from a range of backgrounds and disciplines break new ground as they explore the centrality of fatherhood in the lives of men and in the experiences of children. They show how fathers’ involvement contributes to the well-being of children. The authors argue that men can make a major contribution to the health of South African society by caring for children and producing a new generation of South Africans for whom men will be significant by their positive presence rather than by their absence or their abuse.

In this collection, authors examine the conceptual and theoretical questions posed and attempt to map the field. In the second section, fathers and fatherhood are examined from an historical perspective, showing how race and class have shaped fatherhood in South Africa, and how understandings of fatherhood have changed over time. In the third section, authors discuss the way in which fathers appear in the media, how men as fathers are often ignored or portrayed in narrow ways which inhibit alternative forms of fatherhood emerging. In the fourth section, authors offer answers to how men experience fatherhood and what obstacles bar men from expanding their engagement with children. Finally, the book offers examples of local and international programs that have been initiated to promote fatherhood and to work with fathers.



Baba – Entire eBook
Linda Richter; Robert Morrell (eds)
Download PDF
Baba – Prelims
Download PDF
Chapter 1: Introduction
Robert Morrell and Linda Richter
Download PDF
Chapter 2: Fathers, fatherhood and masculinity in South Africa
Robert Morrell
Download PDF
Chapter 3: On being a father and poor in southern Africa today
Francis Wilson
Download PDF
Chapter 4: The demographics of fatherhood in South Africa: An analysis of survey data, 1993–2002
Dorrit Posel and Richard Devey
Download PDF
Chapter 5: The importance of fathering for children
Linda Richter
Download PDF
Chapter 6: Migrancy, family dissolution and fatherhood
Mamphela Ramphele and Linda Richter
Download PDF
Chapter 7: The state as non-biological ‘father’: Exploring the experience of fathering in a South African state institution in the period 1950 to 1970
Azeem Badroodien
Download PDF
Chapter 8: Fathers without amandla: Zulu-speaking men and fatherhood
Mark Hunter
Download PDF
Chapter 9: Men and children: Changing constructions of fatherhood in Drum magazine 1951 to 1965
Lindsay Clowes
Download PDF
Chapter 10: The father in the mind
Graham Lindegger
Download PDF
Chapter 11: Where have all the fathers gone? Media(ted) representations of fatherhood
Jeanne Prinsloo
Download PDF
Chapter 12: Representations of fatherhood in black U S films: and how this relates to parenting in South Africa
Solani Ngobeni
Download PDF
Chapter 13: Children’s views of fathers
Linda Richter and Wendy Smith
Download PDF
Chapter 14: Fatherhood from an African cultural perspective
Desmond Lesejane
Download PDF
Chapter 15: African traditions and the social, economic and moral dimensions of fatherhood
Nhlanhla Mkhize
Download PDF
Chapter 16: Legal aspects of fatherhood in South Africa
Jacqui Gallinetti
Download PDF
Chapter 17: Men, work and parenting
Alan Hosking
Download PDF
Chapter 18: HIV/AIDS and the crisis of care for children
Chris Desmond and Cos Desmond
Download PDF
Chapter 19: Absent fathers: Why do men not feature in stories of families affected by HIV/AIDS in Kwazulu Natal
Philippe Denis and Radikobo Ntsimane
Download PDF
Chapter 20: Being a father in a man’s world: The experience of goldmine workers
Marlize Rabe
Download PDF
Chapter 21: Fathers don’t stand a chance: Experiences of custody, access, and maintenance
Grace Khunou
Download PDF
Chapter 22: The new gender platforms and fatherhood
Dean Peacock and Mbuyiselo Botha
Download PDF
Chapter 23: The child’s right to shared parenting
Patrice Engle, Tom Beardshaw and Craig Loftin
Download PDF
Chapter 24: Taking forward work with men in families
Tom Beardshaw
Download PDF
Baba – Index
Download PDF



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  1. business review / Jun 12 2011 21:28

    My work on a chapter in Sexual Abuse of Young Children in southern Africa Richter et al 2004 which takes these terrible assaults as a starting point for an evaluation of the problem of child sexual abuse also brought back memories of an earlier case in which I had been involved. Key findings in Chapter 3 therefore include the strong emotional response that young fathers portray in response to the news of their impending fatherhood the way in which they articulate the meaning of responsibility in relation to their child the multiple reasons for having a child at a young age including but not limited to the role of alcohol and the lack of condom use in their peer group and the multiple ways in which fatherhood has changed their lives and the nature of their primary relationships with partners parents school and community.


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