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enero 21, 2013 / Joaquim Montaner Villalonga

¿Conoces la película The Father Effect?

Esta peli habla de la importancia y el impacto de los padres en la vida de sus peques. Viene de los EEUU y no te olvides de que, allí, los índices de “padres ausentes” son demoledores.

Te adjunto un clip con el trailer subtitulado al español.

No dejes de verla si puedes.

Puedes ampliar la información sobre la película en estos sitios:

Transcripción del audio:

0:00my name is john french

0:02and i started journey three years ago to find forgiveness from my father

0:06what i found was an epidemic

0:08i had no way of knowing the significant impact

0:12they’re growing up without a father would have on me

0:15as a boy

0:16as a man

0:17and as a father

0:19there are millions of children suffering because they’re going up without fathers

0:24and there are millions of men who have no idea how much they mean for their


0:29we’re making this film to create an awareness

0:32of the significant in a lifelong impact

0:35that fathers have on their kids by what they say in what they do

0:41help us make this film a reality

0:43so that we can change the lives of children

0:46by changing the hearts of fathers

0:49please donate

0:50and help us help man become better fathers

0:53enjoy the trailer

0:55join the cards and spread the war

0:58we greatly appreciate

1:44it was never prepared to be

1:47had no idea how hard it

1:51or how has the responsibility which they are

1:55you know it doesn’t seem right to have that much influence over one small life

2:01the way they look up to you

2:04and how he is to let them now

2:18maybe a slight change in the

2:20you in d_c_

2:24money wasn’t


2:35grew most of my life that’s fine

2:40commander has said he’s

2:44can remember the

2:50last time i saw you

2:51it was on the school then

2:57and he was always gonna lose

3:00personal reason he was able to drop me off the

3:07meaning the

3:15and never forget that day

3:27he was so close

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