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noviembre 23, 2016 / Joaquim Montaner Villalonga

Implicando a hombres y a niños para acabar con la violencia de género: Discusión en línea 28/11 –> 02/12


Comparto información sobre esta acción de la gente de wikigener (enmarcada en la campaña de los #16días).

Si te interesa puedes ver los tópicos y las temáticas de la conversación en A saber:

Suggested questionsHarnessing the existing evidence

What is the current evidence linking perceptions of masculinities to gender-based violence?
What are some examples of best practices working with men on social norms?

Working with different actors

How to work on masculinities with men: how do we teach men to be allies and relay a gender equality agenda?
How do we ensure to engage men as partners, but also as officials: how can we train male police officers, male doctors, etc. so that they can provide victims of gender-based violence with comprehensive support?
What role do women have to play in supporting positive masculinities?

Strengthening advocacy

How can we strengthen advocacy around this issue and convince leaders and policymakers of the necessity to finance such initiatives?
How can positive representation of masculinities in the media contribute to advocacy efforts?

Scaling up initiatives

How do we move from one-off projects to a sustainable community-wide approach?
Who are the various actors that can contribute to this change and what are possible entry points to have the most impact?

Además se ha preparado un webminar para rematar la conversación el viernes 2 de diciembre a las 3pm (CET). (Se requiere inscripción)

Nos vemos allí dentro.

#algosehamovido #estonosepara

Online discussion: Engaging men and boys  to end gender-based violence

Dear members of Wikigender,

As part of a Joint campaign with the Womanity foundation organised for the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, Wikigender is running a new online discussion on Engaging men and boys to end gender-based violence. The discussion will take place from Monday 28 November to Friday 2 December 2016, and will conclude with a webinar on Friday 2 December at 3pm (CET).

Find out more about the discussion, the key questions and partners by visiting the Wikigender page and register for the webinar here. You can contribute to the discussion beginning 9:00am on the 28 November.

Many thanks and see you soon on!

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